Co-working give telecommuters options in Myrtle Beach

Cowork MYR
is a new start up that is offering office space for those who telecommute in Myrtle Beach.

Co-working brings people working for themselves or different companies together in a shared work space. Some at Cowork MYR on vacation, others are local.

Mike Schroll, a telecommute moving from Boston the area, uses the space to manage his company, which does online surveying for academic researchers.

"Being able to cut out huge commuting distances and that quote unquote wasted time everyday is a huge advantage to be able to work from home," Schroll says.


aul Reynolds co-founded Cowork MYR. He says the perk is the socialization.

"Some people might have a great home office but they still miss that kind of office camaraderie, walking to lunch with people," he says.

Everybody signs up online, creates a profile, and checks in when they arrive to the space.

New technology has made working remotely much easier and convenient. All telecommuters need is a phone, a computer, and an internet connection. A 2010 survey by a national small business association shows the amount of employers who encourage working remotely has jumped to 44% in the U.S.

Brian Basset is vacationing in Myrtle Beach from Virginia and stopped in at Cowork.

"My family, extended family was down for the week, loves Myrtle Beach and it was a week where I needed to do a day to do some work so that's why I am here today," he says.

The start-up has only been open for about a week, but Reynolds expects it to grow in popularity. They are also starting meet-up groups, ranging from social media to computer hardware topics.

Cowork MYR is located on the corner of 21st Ave and Legion St. half way between Oak and Kings Highway.