Classic car stolen before start of 25th annual "Run to the Sun"

Thursday's 25th annual "Run to the Sun" car show features classic cars that come to Myrtle Beach from all over. But for one family, the fun ended before it started.

Alan Wallace reported one of his classic cars stolen Wednesday morning. He traveled from Marlboro County for the show.

He said he first noticed his 1987 Chevy C-10 truck was stolen when he and his family were walking to the parking lot of the Landmark Resort in Myrtle Beach.

"I figured the towing company might have picked it up because it didn't have a rear-view mirror," he said.

But Wallace says it didn't take long for law enforcement to confirm that wasn't the case.

The pickup is light blue with 24-inch status alloy chrome wheels.

"I've had it for a while and me and my Dad did some work to it and my Dad's passed away now so I got a kind of connection with it there emotionally," he said.

Wallace explained that the car is still a link to his father, who died this past August of stage 4 stomach cancer.

Wallace added that he doesn't think his insurance will cover the loss.

"They wouldn't let me put a classic collector's policy on it because I drove it everyday so I just had regular liability on it so they won't be able to help me financially," Wallace said.

But he is hopeful the police will be able to help him find his stolen truck.

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