Clack's back: notorious paving contractor returns

A paving contractor with a notorious reputation as a con man has been spotted in our area again.

At least two people told NewsChannel 15 they've seen Tommy Clack's trucks at a Walmart store in North Myrtle Beach.

Clack is known for over-charging and doing shoddy work. In Florida, Maryland, North Carolina and South Carolina, Clack has faced a variety of charges.

"He's wanted up and down the East Coast, he's been in court back and forth," said Kathy Graham of the Better Business Bureau of Coastal Carolina.

Graham said sometimes Clack calls himself Tommy Clark. Often, he'll name his business after whatever county he happens to be in at the time and lately, we're told his red trucks simply have the word "asphalt" on the door, with no other name or phone number.

Graham said Clack will show up at your door, claim to have leftover asphalt from another job and offer to give you a great deal to pave your driveway.

"And if the people buy it, they write the check, he calls his people in, they start working on it and he goes to the bank and cashes it. And people are out the money, before they even realize it's shoddy work."

Clack is known to charge one person $3,000 and a neighbor $10,000 for the same size job, Graham said.

Graham has been called to testify against Clack on Monday, when he goes on trial in Florence for bilking four people out of $90,000.

Clack has been banned from doing business in North Carolina, had a cease and desist order from the attorney general in Maryland and was ticketed just last week in Dillon for operating without a business license.

Graham said Clack is slick, not dumb, and if he just turned things around, could be a big success.

"If he would just do right by people, have a legitimate business, do it the right way, then we wouldn't have all this."

If you've seen Clack, call the police, call the Better Business Bureau or contact NewsChannel 15 and we'll put the word out.