City set to condemn apartments after E.coli and fecal matter found in some units

The City of Darlington issued a notice of quarantine to the owners of Darlington Commons apartments at 710 Cashua Street in Darlington Friday morning after an independent laboratory test found E.coli and fecal matter in puddles of water in the ground level units.

The condemnation notice says 18 apartments are extremely unsanitary and unhealthy.

City officials say at least four families are affected by the order to vacate.

Firefighters were inspecting the apartments for smoke detectors Thursday when they discovered what they believed to be raw sewage.

A property manager for Darlington Commons released the following statement to WPDE NewsChannel 15.

"We do regular maintenance to property. And the city has a little responsibility as well because their drain lines are old. The owner is a diligent landlord. If something is wrong, then he wants to make it right. And that's what he is in the process of doing," said Libby Padgett, Darlington Commons.

In August, Darlington City Codes cited the complex for sewage overflowing into a parking lot. It recommended changing a drain line.

In December 2011, WPDE NewsChannel 15 sent a crew to the apartment complex after residents called us about a sewage leak.

The SC Department of Health and Environmental Control gave the property managers and owners at the apartment complex until January 17, 2012 to fix the leak. If the problem wasn't repaired, the city said then it would shut down the apartments for unsanitary conditions. We're told the problem was fixed.