City says apartment complex is unsafe and unsanitary

The notice posted at the Darlington Commons apartment complex.

The City of Darlington issued a quarantine notice for four more apartments last week at Darlington Commons.

The notice states the apartments are unsafe with extreme unsanitary and uninhabitable living conditions.

It also cites electrical, structural, mechanical and plumbing problems.

The notice orders residents to vacate under the emergency measures act.

The city quarantined 18 apartments in October after it said city code inspectors discovered that fecal matter was running from the upper apartments into the lower ones.

The 18 units were deemed unsafe, unsanitary and unhealthy, forcing families to immediately vacate.

The owner of the complex, Tony Hall, said he replaced 150 of sewer lines in February which fixed the sewage leakage problem.

Darlington City code inspectors confirm the work on the sewer lines passed inspection.

Gene Montague still lives at Darlington Commons and said he hasn't heard from his apartment manager or landlord since February.

Montague isn't sure if he he has to vacate.

"They came here one day, knocked on the door and said the name gonna be the same, but different people was taking over. And that was about four months ago. And I haven't seen anybody since. I'm worried because somebody might say you have to come over here and get out," said Montague.

Hall said he inherited the problems at Darlington Commons when he bought it and added that he has spent thousands to fix the problems at the complex.

Hall said he isn't sure what he'll do with the apartments at this point.

In August 2012, The City of Darlington cited the complex for sewage overflowing into a parking lot. It recommended changing a drain line.

In December of 2011, WPDE NewsChannel 15 sent a crew to the apartment complex after residents called us about a sewage leak.

The SC Department of Health and Environmental Control gave the property managers and owners at the apartment complex until January 17, 2012 to fix the leak. If the problem wasn't repaired, the city said then it would shut down the apartments for unsanitary conditions. We're told the problem was fixed.

We'll continue to monitor what happens with the complex.