City of MB allows 21-gun salutes without permits

A funeral is a difficult thing to plan, but now the City of Myrtle Beach is trying to make it a little easier for some military families.

City Council passed a motion to allow 21-gun salutes at military funerals without having to request a permit and wait for council to approve it.

Kris Tourtellotte, Director of Veterans Welcome Home and Resource Center says a military funeral isn't complete without a 21-gun salute.

"It's like having a baseball game without playing the National Anthem before the game. It's just part of what should be at every funeral," said Tourtellotte.

It's illegal in Myrtle Beach to discharge a firearm within city limits, therefore making a 21-gun salute illegal unless families applied and received a permit through city council.

Myrtle Beach city council member Susan Grissom Means says now family members can skip the permit process and notify law enforcement 24-hours in advance.

"That's such an honor for someone who served in the military, and it's important for people to have that," said Means.

Means says those in the military deserve a final salute, and it shouldn't be difficult for families to give them that.

She knows first hand, as the widow of a veteran, how important the salute can be.

"It was really nice and I know my husband would have been proud of that," said Means.

Tourtellotte says though there's no National Veteran Cemetery in Horry County, veterans are honored at Myrtle Beach Ocean Woods Cemetery with wreaths and flags placed on their grave stones.

The closest National Cemetery is in Florence.