City of Dillon fined $30,000 for DHEC violations

The City of Dillon has been ordered to pay a civil penalty of $30,000 to the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) for violations relating to the partial demolition of the Dilmar buildings on Main Street, according to a DHEC consent order.

The city has been ordered to pay the fine within the next 60 days.

The city started tearing down the three buildings in March. DHEC halted demolition after receiving a complaint.

The department determined the city didn't have the proper permits to tear down the buildings that contained asbestos.

The consent order says the City of Dillon failed to submit a written notice of intent to DHEC at least ten working days prior to beginning demolition activities, obtain DHEC issued asbestos licenses prior to starting demolition activities, ensure that all asbestos containing materials were removed in accordance with applicable work practice requirements prior to demolition work, and ensure that all asbestos containing materials were disposed of in accordance with applicable disposable requirements.

Dillon has been ordered to make sure a thorough building inspection is performed and all asbestos materials are removed by a DHEC licensed contractor prior to starting renovation or demolition at regulated structures.

The city has to submit notifications of future demolition projects to DHEC in accordance with state and federal asbestos regulations.

The city must also ensure that it gets a demolition license from DHEC before engaging in any future demolition activities.