Citizen complaints lead to prostitution arrests

Christy Talbert

Narcotics officers with the Florence County Sheriff's Office say citizen complaints led them to conduct an undercover operation at a motel at the I-95/Highway 52 intersection on North Lucas Street.

Spokesman Mike Nunn says because the problem and complaints were not confined to one motel but a problem in the area, they are not disclosing the name of the motel where they actually set up Wednesday's operation.

Investigators say they charged three women with prostitution, after they offered to perform a sex act for money on an undercover agent. One man was charged with soliciting a prostitute.

Jessica Velasquez, 29, of Conway, is charged with Prostitution, Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Controlled Substances.

Christy Talbert, 28, of Fort Mill, is charged with Prostitution.

Benita Eldridge, 27, of Bucksport, is charged with Prostitution and Possession of Cocaine.

Robert Shaw, 50, of Timmonsville, is charged with Prostitution.