Churches banking on musical to help raise money to replace stolen property

The Little Pee Dee Baptist Association says its heating and air conditioning units were stolen from a building it bought a few months ago.

The Association is made up of 28 churches in Marion, Dillon and Horry Counties.

The building was purchased to serve as a headquarters for the Association and a community center.

"We spent quite a bit of money in trying to get it. And then for someone to come and take the system,it's a set back. But sometimes the set back can just be a set up for God to do greater things," said Dr. AC Robinson, Little Pee Dee Baptist Association.

The organization says its filed an incident report with Mullins police and made their insurance company aware of the theft.

It will cost the churches nearly $30,000 to replace the stolen heating and air conditioning units.

"So that's going to be an additional cost because the insurance will not cover but a certain amount of that. So we really need the proceeds

," Robinson explained.

The churches held a news conference Friday morning to announce a play their hosting to help raise money.

The play is called God's Trombones and features local ministers.

The association says they hope to raise enough money from the play to buy more heating and air conditioning units and to do other things needed for its new building.

"The profits from this production will assist the Little Pee Dee Baptist Association in their mission, which is a good thing," said Donald Gilliard, Sweet Gilliard Productions.

The play takes place February 15 at Pleasant Grove Misssionary Baptist Church in Marion.

You can call the church at 843 423 6018 for information about tickets.