Children use similar experiences to cope with death

A camp on the Grand Strand is letting young children share their experience with each other to help deal with the pain of losing a loved one.

For more than 20 years, Mercy Care's Camp Happy Hearts has given children an open forum to discuss their struggles.

"I think about him like everyday," said 9-year-old Kayla Burney. Her grandpa died a month ago. "I thought that he would at least see me grow up a little bit older."

"We had two people who died in our family, uncle Doug and my mom's brother uncle Jesse," said 10-year-old Taylor Leonhardt.

"I feel a little bit of sadness," said 9-year-old Ashley Little. "My father died."

Their loss is what usually makes them feel alone.

But Saturday's camp offers them group counseling to help them cope with their loss.

"We talk about how we've lost them and how we should help each other out with the problems," said Little.

The kids that keep coming back say that sharing their stories helps them move on.

Colin Sauceda has been to the camp eight straight times, working through his discomfort to make friends who share his experience.

"Meeting new people makes it easier to keep my mind off of things and have a fun time," said Colin. "Cobe is really funny and everything, and we'll joke around."

Making the small steps with each other, in order to conquer the biggest hurdle so far in their young lives.

If you know a young person trying to cope with death and want to help, click here.