Child found cut and bruised; couple accused of trying to give him away in Myrtle Beach

Jody Welch-Dellinger/Myrtle Beach Police

Myrtle Beach police arrested a couple after a child was found with cuts and bruises, and according to a police report, they were trying to give the child away.

Gary Lee Welch, 47, and Jody Welch-Dellinger, 39, are each charged with Unlawful Conduct toward a Child.

A police report says a woman told officers the couple approached her on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk on Saturday and asked for money. The report goes on to say they then asked her to take their child home for the night because they were homeless and unable to care for him. The woman took the child home and returned him the next morning. That evening (Sunday) they called her and asked if she wanted to take the child again.

Concerned because the child had injuries and the couple was intoxicated when she took him on Saturday, the woman called police.

Police began looking for the couple and the child in the area of the Boardwalk. They found them with the child on a bench.

A witness told officers she was stopped by Jody Welch-Dellinger who was sitting on the bench with the small child. She told police Welch-Dellinger asked her for money for the child who he said hadn't eaten in days.

Welch-Dellinger told officers they were evicted from their hotel room and had been living on the beach since Monday, July 11. She said she gave her son to an unknown friend on Saturday, July 16 to spend the night, and that he was supposed to spend the night with that woman again on Sunday night.

The police report says several people stopped officers on the Boardwalk to report a couple with a child panhandling for money.

The report says one witness told an officer that the couple with the small child came into his store and bought a cooler, beer, and two pieces of candy. That witness also said the man came back and bought a small glass rose tube (possibly to use as drug paraphernalia). That witness said the couple was intoxicated and the child looked hungry.

The police report says the child had multiple blisters on his right foot which looked infected, two black eyes, and multiple cuts on his legs and hands.

The child was placed with DSS in emergency protective custody.