Chicora Indians spruce up boat landing with future generations in mind

Clean up at the Socastee Boat Landing

The Chicora Indian Tribe held a clean up Saturday at the Socastee Boat Landing in an effort to preserve the land for future generations.

Chief Clyde Strickland of the tribe explained that the landing is not just a public boat launch, he said it represents home.

"It is heart-breaking that we're not taking care of our home like we should," Strickland explained.

A member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and local cubs scouts joined the clean up effort.

In a speech Strickland said, "if we don't stand up and take hold of situations like this right here, then it's left neglected and the area can never heal itself with so much litter."

Strickland added that some of that litter can take up to 500 years to deteriorate which destroys local wildlife.

"It's life-threatening to them and if it's life-threatening to them, it's life-threatening to us as well."

He added that cleaning up the landing is just a small step into making sure our future generations have a clean and safe place to live too.

"He give us this land to live on and take care of but it is the children's land because we pass it off to them, their children pass it off to their children," Strickland explained.

The clean up, he says, is a symbol of something we all need to take responsibility for and something Strickland says he hopes to remind others of for the rest of his life.

"I have until my last day to help take care of our home, Mother Earth."

Chief Strickland says members of the tribe plan to go back every month to clean up the boat landing.