Chesterfield County school board accepts ACLU consent order over religious rally

Standing room only at the Chesterfield County School Board meeting Thursday/Tonya Brown

The Chesterfield County school board met Thursday afternoon to talk about a lawsuit filed against them by the American Civil Liberties Union.

The school board chairman opened the meeting with a prayer, and that's what the lawsuit involves, religion.

Last month, the ACLU sued the district on behalf of a parent who was upset over a Christian rally held at New Heights Middle School in September.

The ACLU says the rally violates the constitution.

Dozens of parents showed up at Thursday's board meeting and say they disagree.

"I heard that they were having an emergency school board meeting about the incident that happened here a couple of months ago, and it's an issue very dear to my heart being a Christian oriented person, so I figured I needed to come out and see what's going on," said Doug Compton.

According to the Chesterfield newspaper, The Link, after the hour long closed door meeting, board members voted 6-3 in open session to accept a consent order proposed by the ACLU. That will impose certain restrictions against school faculty and staff demonstrating Christian prayer.