Charity drive employees, contractors fight reforms meant to reduce waste

Office of Personnel Management officials thought their reform proposals for the government's overhead-laden annual federal charity drive, which has seen participation rates drop every year, were common-sense and necessary.

Acknowledging that "there are some very serious challenges that the program has in the modern day," Office of the Combined Federal Campaign director Keith Willingham said the changes would get rid of $10 million in unnecessary or duplicative overhead and direct that money to the charities for which it was intended.

But then hundreds of federal employees and contractors working on the CFC program angrily protested. Last month, the Office of Personnel Management, which runs CFC, made concessions on some elements of the proposed reform and is proceeding gingerly with the core of it.

Hundreds of workers - OPM said it doesn't even know how many - are currently paid to do nothing but administer charity drives in each of 163 separate localities across the country.

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