Charities in Crisis

The Horry Literacy Council is having a used book sale.

This recession has been tough on all of us, but charities have struggled far more than most. Two Grand Strand non-profits that have suffered huge cuts rolled out new fundraising events this week to scrape together a few more dollars.

Citizens Against Spouse Abuse (CASA) and the Horry Literacy Council are down to the bone because of cuts in funding, and now they're trying everything they can think of to hold on to basic services.

CASA has lost $200,000 in grants and government funding over the past year and a half, just when its services are needed most, says JoAnne Patterson, CASA's executive director. "We see that there is a lot more domestic violence in our area. There's a lot more stress. There's a lot more of the problem, and we're still being required to provide the same level of service with quite a bit less money."

CASA has laid off two people and cut two others to part time. Patterson says they're not spending any money that isn't essential. "We're just going to have to cut back and focus solely on our core responsibilities as far as the safe houses go."

The Horry Literacy Council is also trying something new, a used book sale. Their budget is down to $45,000 from $75,000 a few years ago... much of it due to the loss of private grants. Pat Bush is with the Horry Literacy Council. "There are foundations that just, they don't have the moneys to be giving out this year."

Bush says it's crucial that the council is getting free office space from the Family Learning Center. "Otherwise, we may have to, may have had to close our doors."

To donate, call CASA at 843-626-7595. You can also send donations to:


PO Box 912

Myrtle Beach, SC 29578

Horry Literacy Council

PHONE: 843-839-1695