Ceremony honors organ donor

A South Carolina organ donor will be featured in the New Year's Day Rose Bowl Parade in California.

The relatives of the late Ronald Snipes of Green Sea put the finishing touches on a "floragraph" to honor him Friday. It was part of ceremony held by Lifepoint Incorporated and Donate Life South Carolina.

The floral portrait will be featured on the 2010 Donate Life Rose Parade float, "New Life Rises."

Ronald Snipes was the first person in the state to donate his organs after registering first person, legal consent to become an organ and tissue donor.

Friday, his wife talked about why he decided to register. "He wanted to give life, and he would want somebody to do that for his family, and so he decided to do that for other families," Doris Snipes said.

The South Carolina Organ and Tissue Donor Registry launched just over a year ago in the state.