Celebrating at Rock'N the Beach

Folks in Myrtle Beach celebrated most of the day Thursday, waiting to ring in the New Year.

About 3,000 people were expected to attend Rock'N the Beach on Ocean Boulevard. Organizers say they'll draw folks from around the state.. as well as nearby states like North Carolina and Georgia, among others.

There were street vendors, fireworks, food and all sorts of other family friendly activities.

Davis Fishkind set up a booth selling kettle corn. He told NewsChannel 15 he's glad to be part of the inaugural event. "Tournaments and events like this, events need four to five years to get a life of their own. This event is gaining momentum already," Fishkind said.

Organizers say they hope to bring the feel of Times Square to the Grand Strand's southern hospitality. The night's events culminate at midnight with the ball drop. But instead of a disco ball, its a beach ball.

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