Celebrating 14 years with WPDE Sports Director Rich Chrampanis

Rich Chrampanis has been the sports director at WPDE NewsChannel 15 since 2000. In that time he covered sports, especially local high school sports, like no other.

Friday, April 25 Rich worked his last day at WPDE. He's heading home to New Jersey to pursue other business opportunities.

As a surprise on his last sportscast, Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes presented Rich with a proclamation from the City of Myrtle Beach. Click here to read that proclamation.

We put together a highlight reel of some of Rich's moments over the last 14 years. You can watch that in the video box above.

Click here to watch the Rich's final sportscast with his message to all the viewers, athletes, and coaches, as well as the WPDE family. The video also includes the goodbye from WPDE.

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One of tributes given to Rich Friday night was a poem by Allyson Floyd's father, Howard Floyd. You can read it below:


For fourteen years his sports reports

Brought NewsChannel 15 fame.

He is the magic memory man,

Chrampanis is his name.

He never needs to use his notes,

It's all up in his head.

He even knows our weatherman

We think his name is Ed.

We know that Rich and Ed play golf,

At least that's what they claim.

When we asked Ed how well Rich plays,

He said, "It's just a shame."

But when it comes to sports reports,

Just put Rich to the test,

Awards he's won will quickly prove

Chrampanis is the best.

On High School Football Friday nights,

He's kept us in the Zone.

With Mark and Tim and Allyson,

The final scores are known.

He's leaving, but it's true with life,

That good things often end.

But one thing that will never change,

He'll always be our friend.

So Rich, we bid you fond farewell.

And now we all express,

Our heartfelt thanks and may your life

Continue with success.