Students react to Coastal Carolina University closing its investigation into cheer team

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On Friday, a Coastal Carolina University spokesperson released a statement, saying the conduct investigation into the cheerleading team was over.

The team was suspended in March after an anonymous letter was sent to officials at the university alleging some of the cheerleaders were involved in an escort service, providing alcohol to underage teammates and paying people to do their homework.

Students on CCU's campus had mixed emotions about how the allegations, and the investigation, were handled.

Celeste Benson, a recent CCU graduate, said she's happy the university took allegations seriously.

“I think its important that they took it seriously to begin with," she said.

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Junior, Eva Gianelli, said she knows some of the girls on the team and feels bad for them.

"I don’t think it was very fair to take their life away from them like that. They should’ve maybe investigated more and pointed fingers later," she said.

Derick Lundberg, a senior at CCU, said while some may think it's unfair, he thinks the university did the right thing.

"I do still think that Coastal did go about the proper procedures of the suspension, especially with those sorts of accusations," he said.

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But, Ashley Lynch said she thinks it was blown out of portion.

"I really don’t think its fair to punish an entire team because some girls made a mistake and to punish the entire team before you even have the evidence that the mistakes were even made," she said.

Students say it's still too early to tell how this will impact the university.

"We have baseball and baseball is bringing so many people in, but now we have this cheerleading scandal. So, it’s just interesting to see how the public is going to react to it," Lynch said.

“It did get a lot of attention, but I think in the grand scheme of Coastal and our legacy, I think this will be forgotten over time," Benson said.

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Tryouts for next years CCU cheer team will be held this summer.

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