CCU prepares to join tobacco-free movement

Starting August 1, Coastal Carolina University will be a tobacco-free campus.

The ban includes all forms of tobacco and E-Cigarettes on any of CCU's properties. This also includes smoking in vehicles if they're located on their property.

Martha Hunn, Director of Public Affairs for CCU, said they're joining the movement so they can create a more healthy lifestyle on campus and prepare students for a smoke-free workforce.

"1,127 campuses across the U.S. are completely smoke free, 100 percent," said Hunn.

Currently on campus the only place students, visitors, faculty and staff members can smoke is in a gazebo, but that will soon become a tobacco-free area too.

Janelle Saggese is a senior at CCU and an orientation leader for the school. She said the impact will be significant, so they're warning the incoming students about the new ban now. She said they're receiving mixed reaction, which is also how she feels about the ban.

"I see both sides of it, but ultimately, I'm happy that we're going tobacco free," said Saggese.

Another senior at CCU, Mikael Huffman, isn't too happy about the ban. She started smoking three years ago, and said it's extremely difficult to stop. Now she will have to find a spot off campus to feed her nicotine addiction.

"I'm a little bit outraged. Hopefully it gives me an incentive to quit though," Huffman said.

Smoking cessation programs for students, faculty and staff members will be available for free.

As for enforcing the ban, Hunn said the university knows it will take time, and they plan to educate and warn violators first.