CCU hopes to turn around low football fan numbers

Attendance at past Coastal Carolina University games has been down but this year, the university is taking a new approach to score a touchdown with the fans.

In the last two years, CCU has won two Big South Championships and sent six players to the NFL.

Despite that, the school says the fan base isn't there.

"Our biggest challenge this year, and something we are trying to really focus on, is getting the fans to come in the stands and get them to stay the entire game," said Michael Jacobs, Assistant Athletic Director at CCU.

The university is trying to get fans by offering a mobile friendly ticket purchasing app and a rewards card.

By purchasing tickets and following the university on social media, students rack up points and can use them just like cash on campus.

"You get a bunch of points that you don't even look at and then you can go get free food, polos, trips with the teams, all sorts of prizes," said Jacobs.

The new mobile friendly app allows students to purchase tickets with a few clicks.

Jacobs says the school is trying to make it as 'seamless' as possible when it comes to purchasing tickets.

A record number of freshmen moved in to CCU Friday, and Jacobs believes those students will make all the difference in the stands.

You should go and support the team you go to college for. Our football team wins the Big South Championship a lot here," said Matthew Chrushch, a freshman at CCU. "So obviously you want to go and cheer them on."

The first home game for the Chanticleers is September 13th when they take on South Carolina State.