CCU honors graduates in summer commencement ceremony

About 166 students participated in Coastal Carolina University's inaugural summer graduation ceremony Saturday morning at the HTC Center.

Holley Tankersley, an associate professor of politics and chair of the department of Politics and Geography at CCU, delivered the commencement address.

Her speech, titled "Tomorrow Is The Best Day Of Your Life" focused on life after college.

"If you believe you are now leaving the best years of your life, you'll miss living the best years of your life," Tankersley said in her speech.

Hundreds of friends, family and faculty members helped cheer on the new graduates as they said goodbye to college life and walked into the workforce.

"Being able to walk across the stage was the best feeling in the world. Seeing my mom, my family, my son and my friends, I really enjoyed it," Iesha Williams, a CCU graduate said.

And the graduates agree the work they put in has paid off.

"It's got so many ups and downs, but at the end of the day, you know, to be able to show your family that even though all the money and stuff that was spent, it's well worth it," Lucius Williams, a CCU graudate added.