CCU community grieves for students who died

Coastal Carolina students and faculty joined together Monday to grieve for the two lives lost last week.

On Thursday, Elizabeth Gorshack was hit and killed by a car on Highway 544. Then on Friday, Michael Spade took his own life.

Although both were freshman, classmates say they were already family.

"You only need to be here for a day to be a coastal student," said sophomore Andrea Barbera.

Barbera organized the candlelight vigil that took place near the bell tower on Coastal's campus.

"I want people to come together, people to have each other's backs," said Barbera. "I just want everybody to look out for each other."

Students did come together. Hand in hand, students tried to heal.

And through the flames of their candles, Dean of Students, Travis Overton, said Coastal changed from being a university to a family.

"I think the CCU family is what you see and often times through sporting events through university events you see that a lot," said Overton. "But, however as with anything in times of tragedy it really brings out that strength and it really kind of pulls out that heart of that family and I think that's what you're seeing here tonight."

Barbera hopes that the death of Elizabeth Gorshack will make the university consider putting in an overpass on Highway 544 for students to use.