CCTV in Myrtle Beach for promotional shoot

On Sunday, a chinese film crew with Chinese Cable Television or CCTV began filming along the Grand Strand.

They're shooting a promotional feature that will be broadcast throughout China later this year.

"They're in Myrtle Beach as part of their continuing visitation across the US and we're happy to have them here and so grateful that they're here helping us tell the Myrtle Beach story to the audience over in China," explained Brad Dickerson with the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

The crew made their first stop sunday at Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach.

Organizers said their next stop will be beach and golf video on Monday.

"The US is becoming very popular for travel for folks in China so we want to market our destination to them and give them a message about what we're about and say hey, why don't you come and visit Myrtle Beach. We'd love to have you here so it's been a great collaborative effort up to this point and this latest promotional video is another stepping stone in our market to international travellers," Dickerson added.

The CCTV crew was just in Washington, DC before coming to the Grand Strand.

Organizers say they'll be making other stops after they leave Myrtle Beach Wednesday.

The promotional video will air in China in mid to late October.