Cat that cornered family in their bedroom taken to animal shelter

The 22-pound house cat who trapped his owners in their bedroom when he got aggressive is now in an animal shelter.

The cat is a Himalayan named Lux.

Lux scratched their baby, went crazy and scared the family so much they locked themselves in a bedroom and called 911 for help, according to the cat's owner.

Now the family has turned Lux over to the county animal services.

His owners say they're overwhelmed with his behavioral issues.

A shelter spokeswoman described what they've noticed since he arrived. "This is a very shy, somewhat high-strung cat. He's in a very high-stress situation. Apparently they live near a train station so there's loud noisy trains going by. They have a small child who is learning to crawl, is very vocal. Cats like this, they can only take so much," said Animal Care Technician Karen McGill.

The shelter has given the family until Tuesday to decide whether they want to take Lux back or give him up for adoption.