Cat belonging to Windsor Green fire victim found

One of the Windsor Green fire victims who lost everything in last Saturday's fire is celebrating for the first time in days because his beloved cat Tiger was found and turned into VCA Palmetto Animal Hospital, Thursday.

Vernon Johns first told us his story Thursday, as he spent his day sifting through the ashes of what used to be his condo at Windsor Green in Carolina Forest.

Johns found a few quarters from his coin collection in the rubble but everything else from his past is gone, including the memories of his wife, who died of pancreatic cancer last April.

The morning of the fire, he left for work, let his cat Tiger out and had not seen him since that morning.

Tiger had a microchip and they were able to find Johns based on the information released from the chip.

The hospital manager knows Johns because she owned the condo next to him and rented it out.

"It's great to know that I actually know the pet that was saved because there's so many pets that I don't know and I'm just going by a picture, but to actually put a name and a face together and know the person especially since it was in my building that's a little extra special," Melanie Stefanski, Hospital Manager.

Vernon is still staying with a friend and unfortunately can't take Tiger just yet, so the cat will stay at the hospital for now.