Residents speak out against proposed rezoning plan in Legends, Carolina Lakes areas

Carolina Lakes residents speak out against proposed rezoning plan (WPDE)

Neighbors in two Horry County communities are up in arms over a proposed rezoning plan.

Dozens of individuals showed up at the Horry County courthouse Thursday night to oppose the plans.

Community members say a new rezoning plan would bring a number of townhomes to the Legends neighborhood, which could mean more traffic problems, and a number of homes to the Carolina Lakes neighborhood.

The proposed townhomes would be built at the end of Legends Drive off Highway 501 in Myrtle Beach and off Carolina Lakes Boulevard off Highway 544.

One community member told ABC15 News that she's lived in Carolina Lakes for years and she feels the traffic problems on both Highway 501 and Highway 544 would increase.

"Where are these people going? How are we going to exit and access? If you go back and do a study, there are numerous deaths and I'm so afraid that there's just going to be more and it's just going to add to the grand total and nothing is going to be done," said Dotty Panella about the intersection of Highway 501 and Legends Road.

Leaders at the meeting said their plan to ease the traffic would be to build a frontage road in the area.

The proposal that would impact both neighborhoods will now go before Horry County Council for final approval.

This is a developing story and we're working for you to learn more.

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