Carolina Forest High student charged with threatening students on bus

A 15-year-old Carolina Forest High School student was arrested Monday after threatening to kill everyone on a bus carrying Black Water Middle School students, according to an Horry County Police report.

The bus driver told police that she stopped in the Woodwinds subdivision around 7:15
a.m. Friday. The bus driver said once she stopped a 15-year-old boy got on the bus and said, "I will kill you all," and exited the bus, says the police report.

The student told police that he told the children on the bus they better be good to the bus driver


and if not

, then he would kill them.

The student is charged with disturbing school


. He was released to his mother who told police there were no guns in her home.

The assistant principal suspended the student pending an expulsion hearing.

NewsChannel 15 previously reported the student charged went to Black Water Middle School. We regret the error.