Carolina Forest has potential for more forest fires

The Carolina Forest community is no stranger to fire. Just four years ago, a massive wildfire started there and then burned dozens of homes in the Barefoot Resort community.

Saturday night's fire turned just about everything in its path to ashes in Windsor Green.

Now that the fire is out, the battle turns into an effort by the South Carolina Forestry Commission to prevent more wildfires.

"There's still some level of threat to this community and other parts that weren't impacted by this," said Daryl Jones with the S.C. Forestry Commission.

The wind and low humidity moved the Windsor Green fire quickly, but Jones said there could have been some things in place to help stop it.

"If there was more space between the woods, the fuels, and the homes, we could have made a better place to make a stand. You know Horry County Fire was out here and they had to keep moving because it wasn't safe to get between the homes and the fire," said Jones.

Now the Forestry Commission is taking steps to educate the Carolina Forest community on the dangers around them.

"A lot of people move here and may not know the history of this beautiful forest around us and don't realize the forest history, having pine straw really close to homes in this kind of surrounding is probably not a good idea," said Jones.

The Forestry Commission hopes that the Windsor Green fire and the Barefoot Resort fire are the last ones in this area.

"We're working on some initiatives to get more communities to look at their risk and we can help provide some details about what their risk is," said Jones.

There are some steps you can take to protect your home from a forest fire.

You can find those on the South Carolina Forestry Commission website.