Carolina Forest fire station gets more equipment to take on wildfires

One fire station in Horry County has another tool in its arsenal to handle a massive fire if it happens.

Horry County Fire Rescue now has a truck that's packed with state-of-the-art equipment at Station 45 off International Drive in Carolina Forest.

On Thursday, several volunteers went through another phase of their training led by Horry County Fire's Wildfire Specialist Tim Rainbolt.

He taught them how to use a specialized sprinkler system that shoots out water 103 feet.

Fire crews do not have to be on site to operate this sprinkler system, so it's helpful for putting out fires and keeping firefighters safe if they're involved in a dangerous situation.

"Say we have to leave a neighborhood that's going to get overrun by fire. You can leave those running go out and let the fire go do whatever and when it's safe to come back you still left a water supply going," Rainbolt said.

These sprinkler systems can be attached to fire hydrants or be floated into nearby ponds to keep the water flow constant.

It's not only important to fire crews, but it'll be useful to residents who live in Carolina Forest since the area has been vulnerable to massive fires in the past.

There was proof when a wildfire destroyed more than 100 condominiums at Windsor Green in 2013.

"This will help us with this piece of equipment and get them into the back of the houses and get these progressive lays out with the sprinklers and residents," said Horry County Fire Captain Freddy Deangelis at Station 45.

Horry County plans to buy three new trucks over the next five years.

The plan is to have them strategically placed throughout the county to be able to handle big wildfires.

Each truck will cost around $150,000.