Car dealer arrested for having gun in carry-on at MYR

Gary Hadwin was arrested Tuesday.

Horry County police arrested Gary Lynn Hadwin, owner of Hadwin White car dealership, after they say a loaded hand gun was found in his carry-on bag during the screening process at Myrtle Beach International Airport.

Hadwin was taken into custody Tuesday after a TSA screener discovered the gun in his bag, according to an Horry County police incident report.

Hadwin has a South Carolina concealed weapons permit, according to the report, but concealed weapons are still not allowed in airports.

Hadwin says he was in a rush to make his next flight to Atlanta for business and forgot the gun was in his bag,

"Well, I was rushing to catch a flight and forgot to take my firearm out, which I have a permit for. But unfortunately, in the haste of catching the flight, I had forgotten. I was detained by TSA as well as Horry County Police Department," said Gary Hadwin.

Hadwin spent the night at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

"I've never been to jail. But, I did go last night in J. Reuben Long. I've kind of learned my lesson to be a little more cautious," said Hadwin.

Hadwin said he understands police were following proper procedure.

"It was a mistake. They're just doing their job, and I totally understand. We should feel like we are well protected here in Horry County," said Hadwin.

Horry County police charged Hadwin with Carrying or Displaying Firearms While in a Public Building or Adjacent Area.