Candlelight vigil in memory of Florence teens

Dozens gathered for a candlelight vigil in memory of Alex Williams, 19, and Kim Speare, 19, both of Florence.

The teenagers died from injuries suffered in a car accident at the intersection of Third Loop Road and South Irby Street in Florence, last Sunday.

Williams' pickup truck was hit by a car. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Speare was a passenger in Williams' truck. He died Monday morning.

Their friends held hands and prayed during the vigil. They hugged and cried sharing memories of Williams and Speare.

Many say they're still having a hard time coping with the tragic deaths, but they take comfort in believing their beloved friends are in a better place.

"I'm strong in my faith and a lot of us are strong in our faith. And we all believe that they're looking down on us. And that they're our guardian angels right now," said Marshall Saucicu.

Special messages were written on the luminary bags saying 'rest in peace our friends.


They also placed flowers at the accident scene and a Speare's picture rest


on a pole.

South Carolina Highway Patrol and Florence Police are investigating the accident.

Investigators haven't said if charges will be filed.