Candidate Profile: Gloria Bromell Tinubu

With just over a month to go until the November 6 general election, we're talking to the Republican and the Democrat who want to be the first member of Congress to represent South Carolina's new 7th Congressional District.

Tuesday night, we talked with Republican Tom Rice. To watch that interview, click here.

It's been almost 20 years since a woman has represented South Carolina in the U.S. House of Representative. Congresswoman Elizabeth J. Patterson served from 1987-1993.

Gloria Bromell Tinubu is trying to go for the history books by not only being the most recent woman to represent us, but also the first African-American woman.

Tinubu is running for the newly created 7th Congressional seat. The 7th District was created from the 2010 Census results.

"This is not about me. This is about our future and our children's future," said Tinubu.

The district covers eight counties, including Georgetown, Horry, Marion, Marlboro, Florence, Darlington, Dillon, and Chesterfield.

Even though those counties have extreme variations in socio-economic backgrounds, Tinubu says her rich history in South Carolina connects her to everyone.

"We pretty much connected with the people we have been talking to, and they connect with us. We believe that we can really transform our communities and transform the state in the process," said Tinubu.

Tinubu says she was born in Brookgreen Gardens. She grew up in the area and attended University of South Carolina for her undergrad and Clemson for her graduate studies.

A recent poll from Winthrop University shows Republican candidate Tom Rice leading by 12 percent.

Tinubu says her campaign isn't defined by those numbers.

"This last election demonstrated where the power really lies, even though pundits and everyone said I didn't have a chance, that I was behind in the polls. Well, the people, with the power of the vote, demonstrated something very different," said Tinubu. "I expect the same thing on November 6th."

She is currently a professor at Coastal Carolina University. She moved back to South Carolina after spending many years in Georgia, including serving with the state legislature there.

Tuesday, on Your News at 11 p.m. we'll feature Republican candidate Tom Rice.

On October 17, WPDE is hosting a debate at Myrtle Beach High School between the 7th Congressional candidates.