Can a viral video make you a millionaire?

Recently, two videos shot on the Grand Strand have become viral.

On Tuesday while a camera were rolled, a shark ripped a fish from Sarah Brame's fishing pole in Cherry Grove.

Last month in Pawleys Island, Jason Wheeler's video of his rescue dachshund, Madaline, also gained popularity.

"A year later once it started getting popular I started looking at it more," said Wheeler.

His video of Madaline chasing a crab has more than one million views.

With that many eyes fixed in one place, it's prime real estate for advertisers, and those advertisers pay websites like YouTube big money - who, if you're popular enough, will share that money with you.

"YouTube has a terrific system in place to make money off of monetization," said Chiway Entertainment's Mike Wallis.

Wallis' company is out of Los Angeles and represents viral videos to help owners make the most profit. Chiway Entertainment puts clients on their website

He said noticeable profits start when a video reaches one million views.

Those profits will be worth your while, but it most likely won't make you rich, said Wallis.

"We always tell people we say you're not going to become a millionaire," he explained. "But yeah you will make some decent money. You'll make several thousand dollars."

On Thursday when the shark video had only two million views, the family reported they already made two thousand dollars. That video now has nearly six million hits.

"My feeling is there's plenty of money to go around out there for everybody," said Wallis.

He warns viral video hopefuls to look for help and strike while the iron is hot.

"They're a huge clip today and then tomorrow someone has a cat on a toilet and that is the huge clip."

While others pockets are getting big off videos, Wheeler's are still empty, because he mistake when posting his video.

He unknowingly used copyrighted music, which makes it nearly impossible to make money.

"I am not getting rich off the madaline video," said Wheeler.

But failing to strike it rich doesn't bother him.

He said if his video of Madaline does start to make money, he plans to donate a portion to an animal shelter.