California town becomes center for immigration debate

Detainees sleep in a holding cell at a U.S. Customs and Border Protection processing facility in Brownsville,Texas.

Murrieta, California, made national news when residents stopped buses carrying undocumented Central American children from entering a border control facility.

Residents say they were just trying to protect their city.

"The process in which our federal government is thrusting these people over here, without any plan, without any coordination, is very frustrating," said Bard Heimbuck.

Murrieta residents also say they feel like their town is being portrayed unfairly.

"Just because we're standing up for our community, we aren't racists. We aren't ignorant hillbillies. We have people to take care of here in the United States," said Cindy Lemos.

And this debate includes resident Ismael Bugarin, an immigrant from Mexican who has lived in Murrieta for 20 years. Bugarin said he can see both sides of the issue.

"You always look for a better place, especially when you're hungry, and I bet you those kids are hungry," Bugarin said.

"What's going to happen? They're going to be holding them here, but what's going to happen next?" he asked.