Cab owner wins lottery again

A Myrtle Beach cab company owner won $200,000 for the second time playing the South Carolina Education Lottery.

Neena Kaur plans to once again invest the lottery winnings in her business and 50 employees.

Kaur owns Diamond Cab.

She won $200,000 on a scratch-off ticket last November. Kaur used the winnings to start Diamond Med Transport, which carries Myrtle Beach patients to hospitals, dialysis centers and doctor's appointments.

The Lottery learned of the new business this week, when Nina and Diamond Cab's Manager Kenny Singh showed up at the Lottery's Columbia Claims Center with another $200,000 winning ticket. The two are dividing the prize. Kaur was the one that scratched the $10 Go for the Gold ticket.

"This is too much," she said describing how it feels to win $200,000 not once, but twice in 12 months.

Her husband Robbie Kaur isn't surprised she did it again.

"She's lucky," he said.

Just like the first time she won, Nina and Robbie are taking the winnings and expanding their business. Diamond Med Transport currently employs nine people, but can now afford to buy more cars and hire more drivers.

"We are bringing more jobs to the community," said Robbie. "We are proud of what we have been able to do."

Al's Food Mart on Highway 15 sold both winning tickets to Nina and will receive a $2,000 commission for selling her the last top prize winning ticket in the Go for the Gold game. The odds of winning $200,000 were one in 576,000.

Since the start of the Lottery in 2002, more than one million college scholarships and grants have been awarded to South Carolina's students. In all, more than $2.9 billion has been transferred to support educational programs in the Palmetto State.