Cab driver talks about getting attacked and fighting back

A cab driver in Myrtle Beach fought back when a man tried to steal the keys to the taxi she was driving, according to Myrtle Beach police.

Officers were called to 1103 Ragin Street in Myrtle Beach around 1 a.m. Tuesday, where the woman was attacked.

"He reached over, he pulled the key out of my ignition, turned the car off and ripped the key out, ran around the cab," explained Karen Dean, 54, driver for Diamond Cab Co. in Myrtle Beach.

But Dean said she fought back. "He starts reaching around, I started wailing on him. He punched me in the face, I punched him in his face."

During the attack, Dean said she was also calling for help over her radio.

"I was holding the whole thing down and screaming in the radio, I'm like help, help he's hitting me."

In the end, the man got away. There were no cameras in the cab to record the incident, but police have the man's cell phone and a cup he dropped where Dean picked him up.

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