Businesses reap benefits of tax free weekend

South Carolina's tax free weekend put a jolt in the state's economy.

"I've had customers come up to me from about a month to a month and a half ago inquiring about tax free weekend," said Best Buy General Manager Jim Faulkner.

From August 3 - 5, shoppers avoided paying taxes on everything from school supplies and computers to clothing and shoes.

The lure of tax free weekend made for a traffic filled day at Best Buy and a wait to get help.

"It's worth me coming down here and getting here in this long line," said Myrtle Beach resident Bill Blackburn.

"We want to buy a fairly expensive piece of equipment the savings is pretty substantial," said Jenny Zenner of Myrtle Beach. "It's enough to have me change my plans for the day."

But even on the opposite end of the retail spectrum clothing businesses pushed up their revenue with the tax taken down.

"It's gotten people in the store, and they are excited about buying," said Gallery Boutique owner Hannah Parish. "They want to buy more because they are going to get more for less."

Taking out the tax, helped her take in more business, and navigating the math she said was easy.

"It's two buttons, and it's off."

South Carolina is one of 11 states across the country with sales tax exemption holidays.