Businesses gear-up for 'Southern Times Square' celebration

Several local businesses are preparing for Market Common's first-ever Southern Times Square, New Year's Eve celebration.

Crepe Creation Café is one of them.

Owner Larry Cauble said people have already started making reservations. However, he wants to keep his business as open as possible.

He is tailoring his crepe business to meet the demands of customers coming to the special event Tuesday night.

Cauble said he is giving customers the chance to make their crepes mobile.

"I've ordered some special sleeves where we can make a lot of the dessert crepes, and any of the savory crepes. And you can put it in the sleeve and take it with you while you're walking around seeing the different events," Cauble said.

Cauble will also stock up on extra food, beverages, and all of his staff will on-hand working to be able to handle bigger crowds if necessary.

Ultimate Pizza Kitchen is another business that also has started to prepare.

"We are definitely going to have a lot more staff come in and help us prepare, said Jordan Bridschge, a hostess at the restaurant. "We are going to make sure everything in the back is stocked and prepared, like extra tomatoes are going to be cut up. More ice in the machines. We are going to make sure everything is doubled up than usual."

Just like Crepe Creation Café, Ultimate Pizza Kitchen has already gotten some interest from customers looking to dine on New Year's Eve.

Bridschge said they've gotten a couple phone calls from people looking to make reservations.

Tuesday's celebration will take place outside of the Grand 14 Cinema at 7 p.m.

After that time, several roads will be closed including Howard, Reed, Farrow, and Hackler to vehicles.

A series of activities will lead up to the ball drop at midnight.