Businesses gear up for bowl day

Super Bowl Sunday has become an unofficial holiday for some restaurants and bars in our area.

â??As a bar owner it's one of my favorite days of the year. Everybody comes out in a good mood,â?? said Tongyâ??s Shmackhouse Co-owner Dustin Leek.

Last year was Tongy's Shmackhouse first Superbowl.

Leek said he was surprised and admittedly unprepared when nearly 500 people showed up to watch the game.

Theyâ??re expecting to get a similar sized crowd for this yearâ??s game. But this time, they are ready to tackle it.

â??This year we have brought in extra people. Extra manpower,â?? Leek said. â??And when you're making wings for 300 people, it takes an army.â??

It isnâ??t just restaurants and bars that benefit. Supermarkets also see a flurry of activity leading up to kick off.

Some shoppers said the supermarkets were crazy and snack shelves looked picked over.