Business owners divided on Ocean Boulevard facelift

File image of construction cones on Ocean Boulevard.

The area from 9th Avenue South to 2nd Avenue North in Myrtle Beach will be under construction for two years in a row from Labor Day to Easter.

And while some business owners in that area are excited about the revamped sidewalks, lights and landscaping, others are concerned about the impacts of that much construction.

John Currie, who works at Second Avenue Pier said he thinks the work is a "necessary evil."

"We've been needing the underground utilities done. Streetscapes attracts people," Currie said.

But Marylou Esposito, who works at Mammy's Kitchen just a few blocks away, said she is not excited about the start of the project.

"There's not going to be any sidewalks, you're going to have to park a block or two away. It's going to be very inconvenient, and I think we'll lose a lot of business," Esposito said.

City officials said they planned the work to be done during the off-season so it would not impact businesses during the summer season, but Esposito said she would rather see a different schedule.

"I would like to see them start in November and go until March. And if they have to do it three years in a row, do it three years in a row," she said.

The project costs about $12 million and work will begin in September after Labor Day and will end the week before Easter.

The city recently did similar work on a southern section of North Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach.