Business boom at the beach

22 new businesses are opening at Broadway at the Beach this year. Five in the next ten days. / Lindsey Theis

In the past six weeks, the city of Myrtle Beach has seen an "optimistic" number of new business licenses.

"We are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel," city spokesman Mark Kruea says.

Over a little more than a month, Kruea says, 105 new business licenses have come into the city. Of those, 76 are news businesses located within the Myrtle Beach city limits.

Some new businesses, like Legends in Concert, which recently opened off 29th Avenue and 17 Bypass has three licenses. One is for selling merchandise, one for food, and one for tickets, which is why there aren't an equal number of businesses and business licenses.

Some of the most popular locations for new businesses include Kings Highway, Ocean Boulevard, and Celebrity Circle at Broadway at the Beach.

In the next ten days, five businesses will open at Broadway at the Beach. Most are restaurants, but as summer nears retail shops, a wine shop, even an olive oil store is opening.

"We anticipate these new and unique offerings to attract and appeal to a diverse group of visitors," Patrick Walsh, the Senior Vice President of Broadway at the Beach's parent company said.

Monday, Wonderworks opened, drawing crowds and a line out the door. For an inside look at the upside down building, click here.

All together 15 new business are opening at Broadway between now and June. Here is the full list:

That means more jobs, and a high quality of city services, mainly paid for by tourism, Kruea says. Another tourism boost-just today, TripAdvisor voted Myrtle Beach the top U.S. beach destination.

Do you think these new businesses are the sign of a bounce back of the economy? Or is more still to come?