Bromell Tinubu: Lift ban on recalibrating machines

A candidate recently certified as the Democratic nominee in South Carolina's new 7th congressional district wants to halt a lawsuit seeking to order her into a run-off.

Gloria Bromell Tinubu said in papers filed Monday with the state Supreme Court that a temporary restraining order keeping election officials from recalibrating voting machines should be lifted.

Two voters who support one of Bromell Tinubu's Democratic opponents, Preston Brittain, have sued to try to force the two candidates into a run-off. State election officials certified Bromell Tinubu's victory last week.

A judge mulling the lawsuit has ordered election officials not to recalibrate voting machines until a June 21 hearing. That's just five days before former Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer and Horry County Council chairman Tom Rice compete in a GOP run-off.