Bringing moonshine to the shelves

Three years after opening the first legal distillery in South Carolina, the owners of Palmetto Moonshine opened a new store in Myrtle Beach.

Brothers Trey and Bryan Boggs are excited to bring a part of their hometown of Anderson, South Carolina, to the beach.

"It was an automatic fit to come back to an area that we've enjoyed so long personally, as a family," said Bryan Boggs.

In 2009, state lawmakers altered the liquor laws, and that's when older brother Trey started to ask himself some questions.

"It got me wondering why does the government hate moonshine so bad. And then I realized it's not that they hate the moonshine, they hate not getting the taxes on it," he said.

The 'catdaddy' or top of the line shine, is made in the Boggs' hometown. They currently distribute their moonshine in 23 states. They just recently started expanding internationally.

The legendary Southern liquor is something these two brothers know a lot about.

"I never understood why my uncle carried a sack of corn when we went bird hunting. Well, he was taking that corn to the moonshine still," said Trey.

Bryan says he wants people who visit Palmetto Moonshine to understand the importance of the state heritage and what moonshine has done.

"It's how a lot of families put food on the table for years," said Bryan.

Growing up in South Carolina, the Boggs were able to copy what other bootleggers taught them. From there they developed their own recipe and put that pride into their mason jars.

"They were able to share what they've done from generations, giving us a chance to mimic what they were doing and make a great quality product," Trey said.

Palmetto Moonshine is located at 4801 South Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach.

Free tastings are offered Monday through Saturday, 2pm until 6pm.