Bras Across the Water raises thousands for cancer research

It's been less than two weeks since an unusual sight hovered above Harbourgate Marina: Hundreds of bras.

The unique event to raise money for breast cancer research is hosted by the Freedom Boat Club.

Thursday, members of the club presented their donation to the American Cancer Society.

About two dozen people were on hand at Harbourgate Marina to see more than $9,000 handed over to the American Cancer Society.

Jim Allen's wife was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma in February, and while she's now in remission, Allen says everything changed last winter.

"It's been a nightmare. I thought I'd been through some horrible things in my life, but when cancer, when it walks in your door, and you deal with it in your home then you know, you know," Allen told us.

Even before his wife took a turn toward recovery, Jim was still out in the community taking pictures at cancer awareness events.

"Somebody asked me a while back, 'Your wife is going through cancer now so you'll probably miss a lot of these events this year.' I said, 'Not cancer events, I won't. I will be there,'" Allen said. He added taking pictures and posting them for others to see is his own way of raising awareness. He hopes those who weren't at the events this year will see the pictures and attend next year.

When asked why the Freedom Boat Club gets involved in the event, the director, Karren Berry, told us, "We do it so there can be more birthdays and more celebrations and life and so that one day we can eventually say there is no cancer."

This was the fourth year Freedom Boat Club has hosted the Bras across the Water.