Bouncers arrested for assault at Florence nightclub

Cody Locklear

Magistrate Court Judge Belinda Timmons set bond at $25,000 each for Christopher Driggers, 27, Randy Jeffords, 43, Joseph Driggers, 19, Adam Stukes, 25 and Cody Locklear, 25, on charges of Kidnapping and Assault and Battery By A Mob in the beating of patron at Treasure City nightclub in Florence on November 10, according to the Florence County Sheriff's Office.

The men work as bouncers at the nightclub located on East Palmetto Street in Florence.

The bouncers took the 16-year-old boy into a back room at the club and beat him with a belt and threatened to hit him with a gun, according to Captain Michael Nunn.

After the bouncers eventually let him go, the teenager went to the hospital by a private car and was treated and released for his injuries.

The victims mother says her son used someone else's ID to get in the club, but says he didn't deserve to be beaten by the bouncers.

"Both his eyes were black. I mean his whole face was swoll


. His ears were black. He had belt marks on him. I mean they brought blood when they beat him with the belt. I mean it was just, you don't even treat an animal that way," said Deannie Brewer.

One suspect said



not a bouncer at the club, but a DJ

. He also said

he wasn't in the room when the beating took place and doesn't know how he got dragged into it.

Another bouncer says there's a lot of false information and he looks forward to the truth coming out.

Deputies say more arrests are expected in this investigation.