Boston native worried about loved ones back home

Myrtle Beach firefighter Travis Glatki

A Myrtle Beach firefighter and Boston native woke up shocked Friday morning and fearful for his friends and family back home.

Even as a trained firefighter, Travis Glatki says he never planned to have to deal with this week's events in Boston.

Glatki grew up near Watertown, a suburb of Boston and he says Fridays manhunt and all the events that lead up to it have taken their toll on him.

"It's something that you read about but you never thought to happen in a city that size," Glatki said.

Glatki explained that his childhood friend lives right by the convenience store in Watertown where police say a picture of suspect # 2 was taken.

"About 5:30 this morning my friend Matt, who works up in the hospital up in Boston, he texted me letting me know what was going on, that the place was being locked down." Glatki said his friend was told to stay home and only answer the door for police.

But Glatki said the constant social media updates and telephone calls have been putting him a little more at ease. This Boston native has been waiting five days for justice to be served.

"You want it resolved as quickly as possible, you want a normal life to continue happening, you want people to go back to work and be close with their families."

All of Glatki's family have been accounted for and are safe.