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      Bond set at $60,000 for man charged with Felony DUI Resulting in Death

      A judge set bond for a Myrtle Beach man accused of driving drunk and causing a crash that killed a woman.

      Gabriel Gratto, 28, faces multiple charges in the fatal crash that killed Joan Errickson and put her fiancee in the hospital. Gratto is charged with Felony Driving Under the Influence Resulting in Death, Felony Driving Under the Influence Resulting in Great Bodily Injury, and Hit and Run.

      Horry County police were first to arrive on scene and caught Gratto running from the scene.

      Bond was set at $60,000 with some conditions. Gratto can't leave the state of South Carolina and has to wear an alcohol monitor to make sure he doesn't consume alcohol while he's out on bond.

      He's also required to stay away from both victims' families.

      Here's how the bond breaks down: $25,000 for Felony DUI Resulting in Death, $25,000 for a Felony DUI Resulting in Great Bodily Injury, and $10,000 for Hit and Run.

      But Christopher Roach, the son of Errickson's fiancee, says no amount of money can make up for what he lost. Roach is still waiting to learn the extent of his father's injuries.

      He explained that, "So far they believe he's got a broken sternum, a broken knee cap, possibly two broken knees and his face is busted up pretty good."

      Roach's father and Errickson were supposed to be married this summer. He said his mother passed away a few years ago from breast cancer, and since then, Errickson had been there for him.

      "She was the one I went to when I had a problem, you know. She comforted me whenever something happened. Now that's gone," he said.

      Roach said his father had also been fighting lung cancer. Because of the crash, his father's surgery has been postponed.