Bond now set for man charged with 8 counts of possessing homemade pipe bombs

John James Parker, 20, stood before a judge at the Florence County Detention Center Saturday morning and was denied bond. However, the judge then came back and set bond at $1 million.

Judge Rangeley Bailey told Parker that he is scheduled to be back in court on September 25.

Parker spent most of his hearing in silence, speaking only when spoken to and answering in a few short words.

He has been charged with 8 counts of bomb related charges. The charge is "bomb/possess, manufacture, transport destructive device or explosive or parts for damage, injury or death," according to the Florence County Detention Center website.

Parker was also charged with attempted murder in September of last year.

We spoke to John Parker's attorney, Rose Mary Parham, shortly after his hearing by phone. "John James has been cooperating with the state and federal law enforcement and although we're not sure about all the details I do not that John James was not possessing any of the items he's accusied of possessing for any harmful purpose," Parham explained.

Parham added that it is still unknown whether Parker will face any federal charges as well. "I have no idea whether the federal agencies know whether they're going to take this case or not."

The State Law Enforcement Division and Florence Police were called to a home off Pickford Lane off of South Cashua Drive for a domestic dispute around 3 a.m. Friday, according to Florence Police Chief Allen Heidler. That's where they found the explosive devices.

Later that day, the State Law Enforcement Division bomb squad detonated those devices in a field off of Celebration Boulevard in Florence.

"It echoed like three times and it was just so loud. I cam back out here and I could tell that everyone had just kind of jumped out of their skins about it," said Melissa Oshea, who was working right across the street when the bombs were detonated.

Oshea said it's a moment she won't forget, aware of just how much worse it could have been. "When you think of an idea of that kind of harm happening to that many people in this area you know it kind of hits close to home and it terrifies you."

As of Saturday evening, Parker remains behind bars.

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