Bond Denied for Tammy Moorer

Tammy Moorer, 41

Bond was once again denied for Tammy Moorer, the woman charged in the killing of missing Horry County woman Heather Elvis.

Moorer, 41, appeared before Judge Steven John this morning to ask for her bond, which was denied in March, to be reconsidered.

Moorer's attorney, Greg McCollum, revealed during the hearing that she is pregnant and cited health concerns related to that as part of the reason for the reconsideration hearing request.

"The evidence that we presented in court is that she's been examined at two different hospitals by two different doctors by two different medical staffs and they both say that she's pregnant and we believe that to be true," said McCollum. "She's had some problems that we presented in court and that was our concern and we were very hopeful that based on that and the other things we presented that the judge would modify the conditions."

Judge John denied her request and said Moorer will remain in jail and will be cared for by medical staff there.

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Moorer asked to speak during the hearing but the judge also denied that request, telling her to convey her concerns through her attorney.

Moore's attorney said she is in the second trimester of her pregnancy. She took a pregnancy test on March 13 while she was in jail that came back with negative results. Subsequent tests at a hospital in Loris and at Conway Medical Center came back with positive results.

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Moorer's attorney also said there is no evidence linking Moorer to the disappearance or death of Heather Elvis. He submitted an 8 page memorandum laying out the reasons for their request to readdress the bond.

But the solicitor said the police thoroughly investigated and did not rush before making the arrest. The solicitor also pointed out that other inmates are pregnant and there is no reason that Moorer could not be cared for while in custody.

The Solicitors Office raised some questions about the legitimacy of the pregnancy.

Judge John said Moorer is to be treated as though she has a viable pregnancy, and be allowed access to all necessary care. Any time she refuses care, it should be noted, John added.

McCollum said at this time they do not have a plan to file another bond modification motion.

Judge John first denied bond for Tammy Moorer and her husband Sidney Moorer in March.

Sidney Moorer did not appear in this hearing.

Judge John said in March he denied bond because of the seriousness of charges, nature of case, potential penalty, and questions of whether defendants will reappear in court.

Sidney Moorer, 38, and Tammy Moorer have been charged with Murder, Kidnapping, Obstruction of Justice and Indecent Exposure.

Prosecutors said that on December 17, after 1 a.m., Sidney Moorer called Heather Elvis, and they spoke for about four minutes. They say Heather then called Sidney two more times from home with no response. Prosecutors say the two finally spoke after 3:17 a.m. They say Heather was home for those calls and left after the 3:17 a.m. call for the Peachtree Boat Landing.

That's where her car was found shortly after she was reported missing.

Prosecutors say they have evidence of the Moorer's truck coming to Peachtree Landing the night Elvis disappeared.

Prosecutors say Tammy Moorer knew her husband was having an affair with Heather.

They say Heather Elvis's murder was premeditated and that the Moorers disposed of her body.

Horry County Solicitor Jimmy Richardson said he expects the case to go to trial in about a year.

When asked if he would seek the death penalty, he said it's too early to make that determination, especially considering Heather Elvis' body has not been found.